The social resources guide for migrants

A simple, open-source and privacy-first app for migrants to help them find the best resources for their situation. Emergency housing, Information, Health and psychological care, LGTBI, Feeding, Violence against women, Jobs...

Easily find social resources

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Find nearby resources

Resources are shown by proximity to best assist in emergency situations.

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Save & share

Whether you need a resource for later or for someone else.

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Direct contact

Call directly or get different ways to contact the centers directly from the app.

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Both the app and all the resources, centers, and help services found here are free.

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MovingForward will NOT collect any personal data (name, age, gender, address, telephone, email ...) and we DO NOT save any geolocation data, including GPS data.

Different resources for different situations

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Asylum, immigration, rights.

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Emergency housing

Alone or with family.

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Violence against women

Emergency, prostitution, violence.

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Unaccompanied or in families.

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Health and psychological care

Professional and medical centers.

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Soup kitchens and other resources.

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Sex or gender discrimination.

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Rights, search and guidance.